Critical Care Medicine is an emerging specialty in Southeast Asia and the discipline is rapidly adopting the global multidisciplinary trend. Physicians with primary training in internal medicine, pulmonology, nephrology, infectious diseases, surgery and anaesthesiology are investing in critical care medicine sub-specialization.

Research in critical care is becoming a necessity as the specialty is getting established.SEARCH was founded at the ASAARCCS meeting attended by its office bearers and members during the 12th Conference of WFSICCM held in Seoul 29th August-1st September, 2015.

The aim is to stimulate investigator-led collaborative critical care research in the Southeast Asian region driven by the needs and interests of the members nurturing a culture of respect and collegiality in the region.

Membership in the SEARCH is

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do my essay open to healthcare workers with an interest in the care of the critically ill patient.

The activities of SEARCH will be coordinated by the Executive Committee which consists of academic intensivists from the member societies of ASAARCCS.

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